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    3 new configurable system loadable modules: · df3de69c
    rswindell authored
    - nodelist (default: "nodelist")
    - who's online (default: "nodelist -active")
    - private message (default: "privatemsg")
    This allows the nodelist and private message modules to be "installed" without
    over-riding global hot key events (SCFG->External Programs->Global Hot Key
    Events), allows the Baja functions NODELIST_ALL, NODELIST_USERS, and
    PRIVATE_MESSAGE and JS bbs.list_nodes(), bbs.whos_online(), and
    bbs.private_message() methods to use external modules (JS or Baja)
    The old C++ logic remains for these features if the module's are cleared (set
    to a blank string) in SCFG, but at some point, that code will likely be removed.