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    New feature requested by Jeffs (REGION14): · dfea4511
    rswindell authored
    FidoNet netmail in the normal mail base (data/mail.*) will now be exported to
    FTS-1 (*.msg) files automatically. One way in which the FTN netmail can end up
    in the mail base is by using the (legacy/runemaster) Web UI. You should also
    get the updated savemsg.ssjs if you're going to use this feature.
    To disable this feature use the (new) '-c' option.
    Normally, the exported msgs will be deleted unless the '-d' option is used in
    which case the messages are just marked as "sent", so they won't be exported
    again. This feature does not yet support file attachments.
    This will likely lead to the SMTP server supporting the sending of FTN netmail.
    Apparently we have to find a better way to encode FTN addresses within
    RFC2822-compliant header fields first.
    If you're using a BSO/FLO-style mailer, this feature works with the '-f' option
    so the full path of an outbound netmail may be SMB->*.MSG->PKT. Direct
    export to PKT is certainly possible in the future.
    Incremented SBBSecho version to 2.30.