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    Statically initialize uart to COM1 details, don't rely on VDDInitialize call · 20da127c
    Rob Swindell authored
    Older versions of Windows don't (always?) call VDDInitialize(), so we need
    to statically initialize the uart struct.
    This should address the problem reported by Fzf (FQBBS) via DOVE-Net:
    ... When using the included SBBSEXEC.DLL, the UART emulation
    defaults to base address 0x000 and interrupt 0x0.  The lockups do not occur
    when this is left as-is but none of the UART emulation does anything.  Setting
    a ComPort in a [UART] section of SVDM.INI or SBBSEXEC.INI does change the I/O
    address and IRQ to an expected value.  But this isn't necessary.  The mere
    existence of one of those two INI files, even if empty, sets the UART to the
    expected default of 0x3F8/IRQ4.  The debug entry is always as follows when left
    without any INI file:
    [180] SBBS: Virtualizing UART (0x0, IRQ 0)
    This bug appears to be caused by commit 9266b997 (1 year ago), where
    uart was no longer statically-initialzed and relied on VDDInitialize() to be
    called to copy default_uart to the uart struct.