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    Better packet header parsing and generation code (eliminated unnecessary · f6efc786
    rswindell authored
    memcpy calls and explicit setting of fields to 0) - this code is just bad.
    The only functional change should be that the SBBSecho product code (0x12FF)
    and major/minor version number is now added to headers of type 2+ packets
    generated by SBBSecho. Type 2 and 2.2 packets will have just 0xff for the
    product code and the SBBSecho major version number in the product "serial
    number" field (as is the common practice). I guess everyone's using type 2+
    packets these days? You don't get 5D addresses with 2+, but SBBSecho doesn't
    really do anything with 5D addresses anyway. <shrug>