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    Save disk space at the expense of CPU usage. · 2ca1e4a0
    Deucе authored
    Previously, we compiled in a RGB -> YCbCr table and used that for
    scaling, which added 128MB to the size of binaries that enabled
    non-integer scaling.  The decision was then made to eliminated
    non-integer scaling support from the Synchronet utilities to save
    disk space.
    With the use of the YCoCg-R, we can more efficiently transform between
    the colour spaces, (about 50% more CPU than using the table), so
    it's no longer prohibitive to do this in real-time.
    This should also have the effect of making the Synchronet utilities
    use the correct aspect ratio for the various screen modes rather
    than forcing the use of square pixels.  I expect DigitalMan will
    hate that.