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    Initial start for NewIfc · 54ad128f
    Deucе authored
    Basically, the intent is to do a modern (for C) interface which
    allows reproducing the look and feel of uifc but without hurting
    as much.
    The intent is to support a tree of objects, each of which have
    an attribute get/set function as their main interface.
    Various callbacks will be supported for various object types, and
    positioning will be relative to the "child area" of the parent.
    The SyncTERM main screen is expected to look something like:
    +--frame (dialing directory)
    |  +--list
    +--frame (settings)
    |  +--list
    +--textinput (comment)
    Internally, the code is wildly type-unsafe, but there's an
    auto-generated API (which is the only thing exported) that is
    This also introduces the CuTest C test suite as an experiment.
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