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    Don't read/write or import/export Font "Height" property, redundant with "Size" · 5d2195b2
    Rob Swindell authored
    For log message styles (e.g. colorization) based on log level, don't apply
    a different font (Name) or size. This just looks terrible when this is done
    and I don't think any sysops want that. Keep each log window using the same
    font face (name) and size, just allow the color and style (e.g. bold, italics)
    to change based on log severity.
    This does increase the confusion with the Properties->Customize->Log Fonts
    as the "Change Font" dialog still allows the sysop to select/change a font
    face and size, they're just not saved/used. I coudln't find a way to remove
    or disable these from the displayed TFontDialog form.