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    inkey() now returns CP437 characters by default · 55ccda62
    Rob Swindell authored
    K_CP437 changed to K_UTF8 with the inverted logic. If you have code/script
    that can handle UTF-8 input, then you need to specify K_UTF8 in calls to
    inkey, getkey, getstr. Or else, you're going to get a CP437 translated
    version of any non-ASCII (UNICODE) UTF-8 chars, if there's a mapping
    available. This only impacts UTF-8 terminals.
    There are just so many places in Synchronet where UTF-8 input could cause
    problems, it makes sense to translate UTF-8 to CP437 by default and make
    true UNICODE/UTF-8 handling the exception.
    Sorry Nightfox, you'll need to remove the K_CP437 detection/use code you
    just added to SlyEdit.