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    Insure the exec_dir is *always* prepped (fix for Windows upgrade to v3.20) · 40995ce1
    Rob Swindell authored
    A "prepped" means directory means a relative path from the configuration files
    (or default settings) has been converted to a full/absolute path with proper
    slashes for the platform (i.e. backslashes instead of forward-slashes on
    JSexec doesn't require that the new v3.20 ctrl/*.ini files exist to run; this
    was necessary to be able to run 'jsexec update -> upgrade_to_v320.js' which
    does the ctrl/*.cnf to .ini file conversion (egg not required to build
    chicken). When JSexec failed to load ctrl/msgs.ini
    (e.g. "!ERROR loading configuration files: 2 (No such file or directory)
    opening /sbbs/ctrl\msgs.ini"), it would continue to run, but not "prep" any
    of the "path" settings (e.g. exec_dir).
    The first run of 'jsexec update.js' would fail to run upgrade_to_v320.exe
    (which does the v3.20 user base conversion) and a bunch of other (but not as
    important) update steps because Windows couldn't execute "../exec/*".
    Multiple errors would be displayed in this case, but the most important (as
    reported by Ree in #synchronet of irc.synchro.net) was:
      '..' is not recognized as an internal or external command
    right after the status output:
      No v3.20 user base found, running ../exec/upgrade_to_v320
    Notice the "../exec/" prefix, which is not support by Windows when specifying
    a file path to execute.
    A second run of 'jsexec update' would work fine because the new v3.20 .ini
    files would be successfully created after the first run (though the user base
    was not).
    This is likely the same issue that MRO reported recently when upgrading a
    Windows SBBS v3.19 install to v3.20 and not having the user base upgraded
    the first time.