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    Don't print a CRLF in printfile() (called by menu) if no file exists · bba2a9d5
    Rob Swindell authored
    printfile() assumes you want the file displayed starting in column 0, so will send a CRLF to insure that it does (unless the P_NOCRLF mode flag is specified). But this CRLF printing was happening before the file was opened and when the P_NOERROR mode flag is specified, this should be a silent failure with no print output. So move the CRLF printing to *after* the file is opened.
    This expose an issue in the latest xtrn_sec.js where it makes several calls to bbs.menu() with the P_NOERROR mode flag set, expecting nothing to happen if/when the optional display files (e.g. xtrn*_tail.*) don't exist.
    Reported by JC via IRC.