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    Common login control (e.g. via real name) using new find_login_id() function · 4f072628
    Rob Swindell authored
    Previously, many servers and services didn't support login by real name
    (e.g. issue #469) even if the sysop had that option enabled in SCFG.
    Move login control settings from node.ini to system (main.ini -> login)
    The 3 node toggle options:
    - Allow Login by User Number
    - Allow Login by Real Name
    - Always Prompt for Password
    ... have been now moved from SCFG->Nodes->Node x->Toggle Options to
    SCFG-System->Toggle Options.
    If you upgraded to v3.20a before now, you'll want to double-check these
    settings to make sure they're how you want them set. New upgraders that run
    upgrade_to_v320.js (e.g. via 'jsexec update') will get these settings migrated
    Added some error detection/logging to upgrade_to_v320.js when failing to open
    .cnf files.
    Constified some more user/login related function args and return types.