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    Over-overhaul of MQTT support · a8a06fd6
    Rob Swindell authored
    Each Synchronet server is now its own MQTT client. This means there's no
    longer any MQTT logic in the Synchronet "hosts" (e.g. sbbscon.c, ctrl/*.cpp)
    and none needed for SBBS NT services (they'll "just work" with MQTT).
    This also means that just about everything (except for nodes, spam and hack)
    is now published per-server (in the sbbs/BBS-ID/hostname/server/ topic branch)
    and if you want aggregated totals or client lists, you'll have to do that in
    your own MQTT client or dashboard.
    I also removed the publishing of thread_count and socket_count topics as
    they weren't universally supported across all servers and are of questionable
    value. They can be added back later if determined to be useful.