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    Add RIP support to LORD JS and bump version to 5.02 · a37934d5
    Deucе authored
    This should get the original RIP stuff working properly.
    LORD icon files are ideally handled a bit differently:
    1) If the remote supports the SyncTERM cache operations, icons
       are transferred directly to the cache using them.  This requires
       a SyncTERM build including commit e3a280b6.
    2) If LORD is running in-process under Synchronet, it will try to
       initiate a YModem-G download for the files using
       bbs.send_file(name, 'G').  This means YModem-G must be enabled,
       and must use the 'G' command key.
    Having the *correct* icon files will still work, but they must be
    the expected file size and be the same modified date or newer to
    be used by LORD JS.
    Ideally, there would be a way to configure sexyz or something to
    do icon transfers, but that's a lot harder, so I'm not going to