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Log requests that resolve outside of the web root as hack attempts

"Request for x is outside of the web root" was already logged (with a "NOTICE" log level), but would not sound the hack attempt alarm (on Windows) or log to the hack.log. Now it does.
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......@@ -3633,8 +3633,13 @@ static BOOL check_request(http_session_t * session)
if(strnicmp(path,root_dir,strlen(root_dir))) {
send_error(session,__LINE__,"400 Bad Request");
lprintf(LOG_NOTICE,"%04d !ERROR Request for %s is outside of web root %s"
SAFEPRINTF2(str, "Request for '%s' is outside of web root: %s", path, root_dir);
lprintf(LOG_NOTICE,"%04d !ERROR %s", session->socket, str);
hacklog(&scfg, session->client.protocol, session->username, str, session->, &session->addr);
#ifdef _WIN32
if(startup->sound.hack[0] && !sound_muted(&scfg))
PlaySound(startup->sound.hack, NULL, SND_ASYNC|SND_FILENAME);
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