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Display textual version of msg attributes when using 'r'ead command

Also displays net and aux attribute values when non-zero (weren't displayed
at all with the 'r'ead command previously).
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......@@ -1499,6 +1499,7 @@ int setmsgattr(smb_t* smb, ulong number, uint16_t attr)
void readmsgs(ulong start, ulong count)
char *inbuf;
char tmp[256];
int i,done=0,domsg=1;
ulong rd = 0;
smbmsg_t msg;
......@@ -1529,7 +1530,11 @@ void readmsgs(ulong start, ulong count)
printf("\n#%"PRIu32" (%d)\n",msg.hdr.number,msg.idx_offset+1);
printf("Subj : %s\n",msg.subj);
printf("Attr : %04hX", msg.hdr.attr);
printf("Attr : %04hX (%s)", msg.hdr.attr, smb_msgattrstr(msg.hdr.attr, tmp, sizeof(tmp)));
if(msg.hdr.auxattr != 0)
printf("\nAux : %08lX (%s)", msg.hdr.auxattr, smb_auxattrstr(msg.hdr.auxattr, tmp, sizeof(tmp)));
if(msg.hdr.netattr != 0)
printf("\nNet : %08lX (%s)", msg.hdr.netattr, smb_netattrstr(msg.hdr.netattr, tmp, sizeof(tmp)));
if(* {
printf("\nTo : %s",;
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