Commit 10254135 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Update BulkUpload description to mention '-' to skip file.

parent d3d07d41
......@@ -309,7 +309,8 @@
"\r\nYou don't have enough credits.\r\n" 262 NotEnoughCredits
"\r\nwhNot enough time left to transfer.\r\n" 263 NotEnoughTimeToDl
"\r\nProtocol, ~Batch, ~Quit, or [Next]: " 264 ProtocolBatchQuitOrNext
"\r\nBulk Upload %s %s Directory:\r\n" 265 BulkUpload
"\r\nBulk Upload %s %s Directory\r\n"\ 265 BulkUpload
"(Enter '-' for description to skip file):\r\n"
"_yh%sw%7ukb:" 266 BulkUploadDescPrompt
"\r\nrhiNo files in batch queue.n"\ 267 NoFilesInBatchQueue
"\r\n\r\nmUse hDnm or hUnm to add files to the queue.\r\n"
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