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Safe string formatting of fido netmail time header field

Suppresses GCC warning. I suppose some of these fields could be more digits
than expected.
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......@@ -821,7 +821,7 @@ void sbbs_t::qwktonetmail(FILE *rep, char *block, char *into, uchar fromhub)
tm.tm_min=((qwkbuf[19]&0xf)*10)+(qwkbuf[20]&0xf); /* From QWK time */
sprintf(hdr.time,"%02u %3.3s %02u %02u:%02u:%02u" /* To FidoNet */
safe_snprintf(hdr.time, sizeof(hdr.time), "%02u %3.3s %02u %02u:%02u:%02u" /* To FidoNet */
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