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Removed spaces from some filenames of Digital Distortion mods that had them

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nhc Digital Distortion Archive Viewer yvw1.03
hy For Synchronet 3.14 and higher
ncThis is a script for Synchronet that lets the
user list, view, & download files inside an
archive, using a lightbar or traditional
interface. The user can also navigate the
file list forward & backward. Any number of
file types can be configured via a
configuration file.
bhRelease date: 2009-12-20
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ the "Command shell setup" subsection.
To set up the reader with the Loadable Module scripts, do the following:
1. Copy DDReadPersonalMail.js, DDScanMsgs.js, and DDScanSubs.js from the
"Loadable module scripts" directory to your sbbs/mods directory
loadable_module_scripts directory to your sbbs/mods directory
2. If you will be running the script from a directory other than
xtrn/DDMsgReader, edit the above scripts and search for the text "SYSOPS:"
(without the double-quotes). One or two lines below that, there is a
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