Commit 15db552d authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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Since viewable file types support wildcards now, just use '*'

This installs as the last viewable file type, so it just becomes a
fall-through for all file extensions/types and attempts to view them
using the Archive class.
parent 10b758ff
......@@ -108,33 +108,16 @@ function list(filename, verbose)
function install()
var viewable_exts = [
var cnflib = load({}, "cnflib.js");
var file_cnf ="file.cnf");
if(!file_cnf) {
alert("Failed to read file.cnf");
for(var e in viewable_exts) {
extension: viewable_exts[e],
cmd: '?archive list %f'
extension: "*",
cmd: '?archive list %f'
if(!cnflib.write("file.cnf", undefined, file_cnf)) {
alert("Failed to write file.cnf");
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