Commit 273b210c authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Updates to the terminal-type selection strings.

New text.dat strings:
- PetTerminalDetected (renamed from PetTermDetected)
- PetTerminalQ
- TerminalAutoDetect
- TerminalColumns
- TerminalRows
- TerminalMonochrome
- TerminalColor
- TerminalIceColor
- IceColorTerminalQ
This also moved the MsgCarbonCopyList definition to the end of the file
for now.
parent 48e7520e
......@@ -439,12 +439,12 @@
"New User Password: " 364 NewUserPasswordPrompt
"Use automatic terminal type detection" 365 AutoTerminalQ
"Does your terminal support ANSI" 366 AnsiTerminalQ
"Do you have a color terminal" 367 ColorTerminalQ
"Does your terminal display colors" 367 ColorTerminalQ
"\1n\1gAre you using \1hRIPterm\1n\1g or a \1hRIPscrip "\ 368 RipTerminalQ
"\1n\1gcompatible terminal program?\r\n"\
"\1h\1wIMPORTANT:\1n\1g If you are not absolutely "\
"sure, hit \1h\1w\1iN\1n\1b\1h"
"Does your terminal support IBM extended ASCII" 369 ExAsciiTerminalQ
"Does your terminal support IBM extended ASCII (CP437)" 369 ExAsciiTerminalQ
"\1nYou can't use that name (duplicate or invalid).\r\n" 370 YouCantUseThatName
"\1l\1-\1gYour password is \1h%s\r\n" 371 YourPasswordIs
"\r\n\1_\1w\1hDon't forget and keep it "\ 372 NewUserPasswordVerify
......@@ -581,7 +581,7 @@
"\1h\1bUser Settings for \1w%s #%d\1b:\r\n\r\n" 474 UserDefaultsHdr
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wT\1n\1b] \1hTerminal Mode \1n\1b\1\\: \1c%s\r\n" 475 UserDefaultsTerminal
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wE\1n\1b] \1hExternal Editor \1n\1b\1\\: \1c%s\r\n" 476 UserDefaultsXeditor
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wL\1n\1b] \1hScreen Length \1n\1b\1\\: \1c%s\r\n" 477 UserDefaultsRows
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wL\1n\1b] \1hScreen Length \1n\1b\1\\: \1c%s %s\r\n" 477 UserDefaultsRows
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wX\1n\1b] \1hExpert Menu Mode \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 478 UserDefaultsMenuMode
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wP\1n\1b] \1hScreen Pause \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 479 UserDefaultsPause
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wH\1n\1b] \1hHot Keys \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 480 UserDefaultsHotKey
......@@ -984,9 +984,19 @@
"Scanning" 808 Scanning
"Done" 809 Done
"\1[\1>" 810 Scanned
"\1h\1yHit your \1wbackspace\1y or delete-left key: " 811 HitYourBackspaceKey
"\r\n\1h\1yHIT your \1wBACKSPACE\1y or DELETE-LEFT key: " 811 HitYourBackspaceKey
"\1\\\1n\1cCharacter \1h%u (%02Xh) \1n\1creceived.\r\n" 812 CharacterReceivedFmt
"\1r\1hUnsupported backspace key: \1w%02Xh " 813 InvalidBackspaceKeyFmt
"Swap the delete (DEL, ^BS) and backspace (BS, ^H) keys" 814 SwapDeleteKeyQ
"\1n\1hCBM/\1yPETSCII\1w terminal detected.\r\n" 815 PetTermDetected
"\r\n\xb3 \1bCC \1n\1b: \1h\1c%.70s" 816 MsgCarbonCopyList
"\1n\1hCBM/\1yPETSCII\1w terminal detected.\r\n" 815 PetTerminalDetected
"Are you using a CBM/PETSCII terminal" 816 PetTerminalQ
"Auto Detect " 817 TerminalAutoDetect
"columns" 818 TerminalColumns
"rows" 819 TerminalRows
"(mono) " 820 TerminalMonochrome
"(color) " 821 TerminalColor
"(iCE color) " 822 TerminalIceColor
"Does your terminal display bright background "\ 823 IceColorTerminalQ
"(iCE) colors\r\n \1n\1i\1k\x013"\
"This text\1n is black on yellow and NOT BLINKING"
"\r\n\xb3 \1bCC \1n\1b: \1h\1c%.70s" 824 MsgCarbonCopyList
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