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Add EXECDIR, DATADIR, and XTRNDIR to DOSemu command replacement tokens

As requested. This closes issue #416
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......@@ -1527,6 +1527,9 @@ int sbbs_t::external(const char* cmdline, long mode, const char* startup_dir)
{(char*)"TERM", dosterm},
{(char*)"CTRLDIR", cfg.ctrl_dir},
{(char*)"NODEDIR", cfg.node_dir},
{(char*)"EXECDIR", cfg.exec_dir},
{(char*)"DATADIR", cfg.data_dir},
{(char*)"XTRNDIR", xtrndir},
{(char*)"DOSEMUBIN", dosemubinloc},
{(char*)"VIRTUALCONF", virtualconf},
{(char*)"DOSEMUCONF", dosemuconf},
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