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Removed CHAT and LOAD (though, I suppose they might still work)

Added EVAL and ECHO commands (very useful for testing/debugging).
parent c44ed79a
NHSynchronet Sysop Main Menu
B(All commands preceeded by a 'W;B')NHB(Optional parameters shown in M[]B)
(Required parameters shown in R<>B)NHB(Required exemptions shown in Y()B)
NHB(All commands preceeded by a 'W;B')NHB(Optional parameters shown in M[]B)
NHB(Required parameters shown in R<>B)NHB(Required exemptions shown in Y()B)
YNode Display/Control:NHYEditing:
WNODE M[args]CNode UtilityNHUEDIT M[user] CEdit User Account
WNODE M[args]NHCNode UtilityNHUEDIT M[user] CEdit User Account
WDOWN R<nodes> CToggle Down FlagNHEDITNHCEdit Text/MSG File
WLOCK R<nodes> CLock/Unlock M(N)
WINTR R<nodes> CToggle Interrupt M(I)NHYViewing:
WANONNHCToggle Anonymous M(Q)NHLIST M[file]CView Text/ANSI/MSG File
WANONNHCToggle Anonymous M(Q)NHLIST M[file]NHCView Text/ANSI/MSG File
NHYLOGNHCYesterday's Log
YMiscellaneous:NHNS M[node]NHCNode Statistics
WCHUSERNHCChange into Another UserWSSNHCSystem Statistics
WCHUSERNHCChange into Another UserNHSSNHCSystem Statistics
WBULKMAILNHCSend Bulk E-mailNHNLOGNHCNode Statistics Log
WSHELLNHCOS Command ShellNHSLOGNHCSystem Statistics Log
WCALL R<hub>CForce QWKnet Call-outNHERRNHCCritical Error Log
WCHATNHCPage sysop M(C)NHGURUNHCDiscussions w/The Guru
WLOAD R<file>CLoad alternate text.datWMAILNHCAll Mail on System
WEXEC R<cmd>CExecute DOS ProgramNHSPY M[node]CSpy/control Node
WEXEC *R<mod>CExecute Baja ModuleNHEXEC ?R<mod>CExecuteN HCJavaScript Mod
WFOSSIL R<cmd> CExecute FOSSIL ProgramNHNEXEC R<cmd>CExecuteN HCNative Program
WCALL R<hub>NHCForce QWKnet Call-outNHERRNHCCritical Error Log
WEXEC R<cmd>NHCExecute DOS ProgramNHGURUNHCDiscussions w/The Guru
WEXEC *R<mod>NHCExecute Baja ModuleNHMAILNHCAll Mail on System
WEXEC ?R<mod>NHCExecute JavaScript ModuleN HSPY M[node]NHCSpy/control Node
WNEXEC R<cmd>NHCExecute Native ProgramNHECHO R<str>CPrint string (w/@-codes)
WFOSSIL R<cmd> CExecute FOSSIL ProgramNHEVAL R<str>NHCEvaluate JavaScript Expr
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