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Add notes for possible future .ssjs features.

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......@@ -55,6 +55,31 @@
* Should support RFC2617 Digest auth.
* Fix up all the logging stuff.
* SSJS stuff could work using three different methods:
* 1) Temporary file as happens currently
* Advantages:
* Allows to keep current connection (keep-alive works)
* write() doesn't need to be "special"
* Disadvantages:
* Depends on the temp dir being writable and capable of holding
* the full reply
* Everything goes throug the disk, so probobly some performance
* penalty is involved
* No way of sending directly to the remote system
* 2) nph- style
* Advantages:
* No file I/O involved
* Can do magic tricks (ala my perl web wrapper)
* Disadvantages:
* Pretty much everything needs to be handled by the script.
* 3) Return body in http_reply object
* All the advantages of 1)
* Could use a special write() to make everything just great.
* Still doesn't allow page to be sent until fully composed (ie: long
* delays)
* 4) Type three with a callback that sends the header and current body, then
* converts write() to send directly to remote.
#if defined(__unix__)
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