Commit 3d1e05e5 authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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Log the current Git branch and hash along with every error

This eliminates any ambiguity about what exact version was in use when each error is logged.
parent ed3fb8cc
......@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@
#include "sbbs.h"
#include "git_branch.h"
#include "git_hash.h"
const char* log_line_ending = "\r\n";
......@@ -113,8 +115,10 @@ extern "C" int errorlog(scfg_t* cfg, int level, const char* host, const char* te
SAFEPRINTF(path, "%serror.log", cfg->logs_dir);
if((fp = fnopen(NULL,path,O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_APPEND))==NULL)
return -1;
fprintf(fp,"%.24s %s%s%s%s%s"
fprintf(fp,"%.24s %s/%s %s%s%s%s%s"
,ctime_r(&now, buf)
,host==NULL ? "":host
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