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Change default PromptTimeout to 60 (seconds)

Also log a warning if a control character is received in response to the prompt, or log a notice if there's a timeout waiting for a response to the prompt. Change the non-control character response value to a debug-level log message.
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......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
BOOL daemonize=FALSE;
char prompt[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1];
int prompt_timeout = 0;
int prompt_timeout = 60; // seconds
char termtype[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1] = NAME;
char termspeed[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1] = "28800,28800"; /* "tx,rx", max length not defined */
......@@ -1590,13 +1590,16 @@ service_loop(int argc, char** argv)
comWriteString(com_handle, prompt);
char ch;
if(comReadBuf(com_handle, &ch, sizeof(ch), NULL, prompt_timeout * 1000)) {
lprintf(LOG_INFO, "Received character '%c' (%d) in response to prompt", ch, ch);
if(!IS_CONTROL(ch)) {
lprintf(LOG_WARNING, "Received a control character (%d) in response to prompt", ch);
else {
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG, "Received character '%c' (%d) in response to prompt", ch, ch);
SAFEPRINTF(str, "TCP:%c", ch);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, str, "Host", NULL, host);
port = iniGetShortInt(ini, str, "Port", port);
} else
lprintf(LOG_NOTICE, "Timeout (%d seconds) waiting for response to prompt", prompt_timeout);
if((sock=connect_socket(host, port)) == INVALID_SOCKET) {
comWriteString(com_handle,"\7\r\n!ERROR connecting to TCP port\r\n");
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