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Don't modify useron.misc during logon, even for AUTOTERM

We shouldn't need to set any of the autoterm flags in useron.misc these days (term_supports() checks autoterm when appropriate).

Try this Nelgin.
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......@@ -163,10 +163,7 @@ bool sbbs_t::logon()
if(useron.misc&AUTOTERM) {
} else if((useron.misc&PETSCII) && (autoterm&ANSI)) {
if(((useron.misc & (AUTOTERM | PETSCII)) == PETSCII) && (autoterm&ANSI)) {
// User manually-enabled PETSCII, but they're logging in with an ANSI (auto-detected) terminal
useron.misc &= ~PETSCII;
useron.misc |= (AUTOTERM | autoterm);
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