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DLL-export is_valid_XXXnum() functions, for web server use

Fixes recently broken Win32 build
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......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
#define _SCFGLIB_H
#include "scfgdefs.h" /* scfg_t */
#include "dllexport.h"
#define get_int(var,stream) { if(!fread(&var,1,sizeof(var),stream)) \
memset(&var,0,sizeof(var)); \
......@@ -66,10 +67,10 @@ int getlibnum(scfg_t*, const char* code);
int getsubnum(scfg_t*, const char* code);
int getgrpnum(scfg_t*, const char* code);
BOOL is_valid_dirnum(scfg_t*, int);
BOOL is_valid_libnum(scfg_t*, int);
BOOL is_valid_subnum(scfg_t*, int);
BOOL is_valid_grpnum(scfg_t*, int);
DLLEXPORT BOOL is_valid_dirnum(scfg_t*, int);
DLLEXPORT BOOL is_valid_libnum(scfg_t*, int);
DLLEXPORT BOOL is_valid_subnum(scfg_t*, int);
DLLEXPORT BOOL is_valid_grpnum(scfg_t*, int);
faddr_t* nearest_sysfaddr(scfg_t*, faddr_t*);
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