Commit 43c79170 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Fix bug in alter_areas() - the function for modifying the area file (areas.bbs)

in response to AreaFix requests: this function attempted to support a trailing
comment (beginning with a semicolon, but after any/all links) - but failed to
so correctly. Since, forever. So it's unlikely sysops actually added trailing
comments to their area file (or didn't provide AreaFix support to their
downlinks), but this "feature" should actually work now. I considered just
removing this support but decided to fix it instead, at least for now.
parent c39710bf
......@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ const char* iniTimeStr(time_t t)
if(t == 0)
return "Never";
if((p = ctime_r(&t, tmp)) == NULL)
sprintf(tstr, "0x%lx", t);
sprintf(tstr, "0x%lx", (ulong)t);
sprintf(tstr, "%.3s %.2s %.4s %.8s", p+4, p+8, p+20, p+11);
......@@ -1458,9 +1458,7 @@ void alter_areas(str_list_t add_area, str_list_t del_area, fidoaddr_t addr, cons
if((tp=strchr(p,';'))!=NULL) {
SAFECOPY(field3,p); /* Comment Field (if any) */
SAFECOPY(field3,tp); /* Comment Field (if any), follows links */
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