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Updated Forwarded and ForwardedFrom text.dat lines.

User number is not always relevant (e.g. could be #0) when sending
netmail, so don't show that. And the CRLF at in the Forwarded string
appears extraneous.
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......@@ -50,9 +50,9 @@
"\1[\1n\1mPosted on \1h%s\1n\1m %s.\r\n" 037 Posted
"\7\1_\1w\1hNode %2d: \1g%s\1n\1g sent you E-mail.\r\n" 038 EmailNodeMsg
"\1n\r\nYou can't forward mail.\r\n" 039 R_Forward
"\1n\1m\r\nForwarded by \1h%s\1n\1m on "\ 040 ForwardedFrom
"\1n\1mForwarded by \1h%s\1n\1m on "\ 040 ForwardedFrom
"\1n\1m\r\nMail forwarded to \1h%s \1n\1m#%d.\1n\r\n" 041 Forwarded
"\1n\1m\r\nMail forwarded to \1h%s\1n\r\n" 041 Forwarded
"\1b\1hAuto message by: \1c%s\1b on %s\1n\r\n\r\n" 042 AutoMsgBy
"\r\nAuto Message - ~Read, ~Write, or ~Quit: " 043 AutoMsg
"\1n\r\nYou can't write to the auto-message.\r\n" 044 R_AutoMsg
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