Commit 4874e5c5 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Use smb_hfield_netaddr() to properly support FidoNet netmail via the 'n'

(import netmail) command along with the '-n' option to set the recipient
net address (and network type). Previously, only Internet or QWK netmail
was supported.
parent 567380cd
......@@ -209,7 +209,6 @@ void postmsg(char type, char* to, char* to_number, char* to_address,
uchar* msgtxt=NULL;
uchar* newtxt;
long msgtxtlen;
ushort net;
int i;
ushort agent=AGENT_SMBUTIL;
smbmsg_t msg;
......@@ -283,23 +282,17 @@ void postmsg(char type, char* to, char* to_number, char* to_address,
if(smb.status.attr&SMB_EMAIL && (type=='N' || to_address!=NULL)) {
if(to_address==NULL) {
printf("To Address (e.g. user@host): ");
printf("To Address (e.g. user@host or 1:2/3): ");
} else
if(*str) {
if((i=smb_hfield(&msg,RECIPIENTNETTYPE,sizeof(net),&net))!=SMB_SUCCESS) {
fprintf(errfp,"\n%s!smb_hfield(0x%02X) returned %d: %s\n"
if((i=smb_hfield_str(&msg,RECIPIENTNETADDR,str))!=SMB_SUCCESS) {
fprintf(errfp,"\n%s!smb_hfield_str(0x%02X) returned %d: %s\n"
if((i=smb_hfield_netaddr(&msg,RECIPIENTNETADDR,str,NULL))!=SMB_SUCCESS) {
fprintf(errfp,"\n%s!smb_hfield_netaddr(0x%02X) returned %d: %s\n"
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