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Log local address in passthru connection failure

Altere reported via IRC:
!ERROR -1 (113) connecting to passthru socket

It might be helpful to know the address the passthru socket is bound to and the connection is being attempted on, so log that with the error.
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......@@ -5641,6 +5641,7 @@ NO_SSH:
SOCKET tmp_sock;
SOCKADDR_IN tmp_addr={0};
socklen_t tmp_addr_len;
char addr_str[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN] = "";
/* open a socket and connect to yourself */
......@@ -5705,8 +5706,9 @@ NO_SSH:
result = connect(new_node->passthru_socket, (struct sockaddr *)&tmp_addr, tmp_addr_len);
if(result != 0) {
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"Node %d !ERROR %d (%d) connecting to passthru socket"
,new_node->cfg.node_num, result, ERROR_VALUE);
inet_ntop(tmp_addr.sin_family, &tmp_addr.sin_addr, addr_str, sizeof(addr_str));
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"Node %d !ERROR %d (%d) connecting to passthru socket: %s port %u"
,new_node->cfg.node_num, result, ERROR_VALUE, addr_str, addr_str, htons(tmp_addr.sin_port));
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