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Added several text.dat entries for the QWK settings menu, node status, and

some other single-line messages (replacing static strings).
parent 5aadeb4d
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
"_\r\nyhStart with number [w%uy]: w" 048 StartWithN
"\r\nnc bhReading E-mail nc bh(w?b=Menu)"\ 049 ReadingMail
" (w%ub of w%ub): n"
"n\r\nYou can't reply to an anonymous message.\r\n" 050 CantReplyToAnonMsg
"n\r\nYou can't reply to this message.\r\n" 050 CantReplyToMsg
" hbRenb: hc%sn\r\n\r\n" 051 Regarding
" hbRenb: hc%s\r\n "\ 052 RegardingByOn
"bBynb: hc%s bon c%sn\r\n\r\n"
......@@ -137,9 +137,9 @@
"bTime Today : c%s minutes\r\n" 112 SiTimeToday
"\r\nView system information file" 113 ViewSysInfoFileQ
"View logon message" 114 ViewLogonMsgQ
"\r\n\r\nYou can't read mail you've sent.\r\n" 115 R_ReadSentMail
"\r\n\r\nSorry, you can't read mail you've sent.\r\n" 115 R_ReadSentMail
"\r\nwhMessage Scan " 116 MessageScan
"nc(h%u ncsub-boards)hw complete.\r\n" 117 MessageScanComplete
"nc(h%u ncsub-boards)hw complete.\r\n" 117 MessageScanComplete
"riaborted.n\r\n" 118 MessageScanAborted
"\r\nLog off" 119 LogOffQ
"\r\nYou can't post on this sub.\r\n" 120 CantPostOnSub
......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@
"Feedback Today : %s\r\n" 153 StatsFeedbacksToday
"_\r\nyhChange to (User Name or Number): n" 154 ChUserPrompt
"PW: " 155 ChUserPwPrompt
"<UNUSED156>" 156 Unused156
"\r\nYou must include a comma between the city and state.\r\n" 156 CommaInLocationRequired
"\r\nError log:\r\n" 157 ErrorLogHdr
"Delete error log" 158 DeleteErrorLogQ
"\r\n\1n\1r\1hDirectory does not exist: \1c%s\1n\r\n" 159 DirectoryDoesNotExist
......@@ -570,8 +570,8 @@
"Mega/Kilobytes, or $): n"
"_yhAdjust Minutes (- to subtract, H = Hours): n" 472 ModifyMinutes
"\r\nDelete Questionaire" 473 DeleteQuestionaireQ
"hbDefault settings for w%s #%d\r\n\r\n" 474 UserDefaultsHdr
"nb[hwTnb] hTerminal Mode nb: c%s\r\n" 475 UserDefaultsTerminal
"hbUser Settings for w%s #%d\r\n\r\n" 474 UserDefaultsHdr
"nb[hwTnb] hTerminal Mode nb: c%s\r\n" 475 UserDefaultsTerminal
"nb[hwEnb] hExternal Editor nb: c%s\r\n" 476 UserDefaultsXeditor
"nb[hwLnb] hScreen Length nb: c%s\r\n" 477 UserDefaultsRows
"nb[hwXnb] hExpert Menu Mode nb: c%s\r\n" 478 UserDefaultsMenuMode
......@@ -875,4 +875,36 @@
"External Editor" 726 ExternalEditorHeading
"Command Shell" 727 CommandShellHeading
"Archive Type" 728 ArchiveTypeHeading
"Validate message #%u '%s'" 729 ValidatePostQ
\ No newline at end of file
"Validate message #%u '%s'" 729 ValidatePostQ
"Waiting for call" 730 NodeStatusWaitingForCall
"At logon prompt" 731 NodeStatusLogon
"New user applying for access" 732 NodeStatusNewUser
"Offline" 733 NodeStatusOffline
"Waiting for all nodes to become inactive" 734 NodeStatusEventWaiting
"Running external event" 735 NodeStatusEventRunning
"Waiting for node %u to finish external event" 736 NodeStatusEventLimbo
"via telnet" 737 NodeConnectionTelnet
"via rlogin" 738 NodeConnectionRLogin
"via ssh" 739 NodeConnectionSSH
"at %ubps" 740 NodeConnectionModem
"\1h\1bQWK Settings for \1w%s #%u:\1n\r\n\r\n" 741 QWKSettingsHdr
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wA\1n\1b] \1hCtrl-A Color Codes \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 742 QWKSettingsCtrlA
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wT\1n\1b] \1hArchive Type \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 743 QWKSettingsArchive
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wE\1n\1b] \1hInclude E-mail Messages \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 744 QWKSettingsEmail
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wI\1n\1b] \1hInclude File Attachments \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 745 QWKSettingsAttach
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wD\1n\1b] \1hDelete E-mail Automatically \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 746 QWKSettingsDeleteEmail
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wF\1n\1b] \1hInclude New Files List \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 747 QWKSettingsNewFilesList
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wN\1n\1b] \1hInclude Index Files \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 748 QWKSettingsIndex
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wC\1n\1b] \1hInclude Control Files \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 749 QWKSettingsControl
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wH\1n\1b] \1hInclude HEADERS.DAT File \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 750 QWKSettingsHeaders
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wY\1n\1b] \1hInclude Messages from You \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 751 QWKSettingsBySelf
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wZ\1n\1b] \1hInclude Time Zone (TZ) \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 752 QWKSettingsTimeZone
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wV\1n\1b] \1hInclude Message Path (VIA) \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 753 QWKSettingsVIA
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wM\1n\1b] \1hInclude Message/Reply IDs \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 754 QWKSettingsMsgID
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wX\1n\1b] \1hExtended (QWKE) Packet Format\1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 755 QWKSettingsExtended
"\r\nnhbWhich or [wQb]uit: c" 756 QWKSettingsWhich
"\1n\r\nSorry, you can't edit this message.\r\n" 757 CantEditMsg
"\1n\r\nSorry, you can't delete this message.\r\n" 758 CantDeleteMsg
"\1n\r\nSorry, you can't read messages on %s %s\r\n" 759 CantReadSub
"\1n\r\nSorry, you can't post that message.\r\n" 760 CantPostMsg
"\r\n\1y\1hOperator: \1w" 761 OperatorPrompt
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ var MailWaitingLstHdr=46;
var MailWaitingLstFmt=47;
var StartWithN=48;
var ReadingMail=49;
var CantReplyToAnonMsg=50;
var CantReplyToMsg=50;
var Regarding=51;
var RegardingByOn=52;
var RegardingByToOn=53;
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ var StatsEmailsToday=152;
var StatsFeedbacksToday=153;
var ChUserPrompt=154;
var ChUserPwPrompt=155;
var Unused156=156;
var CommaInLocationRequired=156;
var ErrorLogHdr=157;
var DeleteErrorLogQ=158;
var DirectoryDoesNotExist=159;
......@@ -769,3 +769,35 @@ var ExternalEditorHeading=726;
var CommandShellHeading=727;
var ArchiveTypeHeading=728;
var ValidatePostQ=729;
var NodeStatusWaitingForCall=730;
var NodeStatusLogon=731;
var NodeStatusNewUser=732;
var NodeStatusOffline=733;
var NodeStatusEventWaiting=734;
var NodeStatusEventRunning=735;
var NodeStatusEventLimbo=736;
var NodeConnectionTelnet=737;
var NodeConnectionRLogin=738;
var NodeConnectionSSH=739;
var NodeConnectionModem=740;
var QWKSettingsHdr=741;
var QWKSettingsCtrlA=742;
var QWKSettingsArchive=743;
var QWKSettingsEmail=744;
var QWKSettingsAttach=745;
var QWKSettingsDeleteEmail=746;
var QWKSettingsNewFilesList=747;
var QWKSettingsIndex=748;
var QWKSettingsControl=749;
var QWKSettingsHeaders=750;
var QWKSettingsBySelf=751;
var QWKSettingsTimeZone=752;
var QWKSettingsVIA=753;
var QWKSettingsMsgID=754;
var QWKSettingsExtended=755;
var QWKSettingsWhich=756;
var CantEditMsg=757;
var CantDeleteMsg=758;
var CantReadSub=759;
var CantPostMsg=760;
var OperatorPrompt=761;
\ No newline at end of file
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