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Fix mime_version and content_type property names in JSDOCS

Underscores are more JS friendly (and correct).
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......@@ -3192,8 +3192,8 @@ static jsSyncMethodSpec js_msgbase_functions[] = {
"<tr><td align=top><tt>replyto_net_addr</tt><td>Replies should be sent to this network address"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>replyto_agent</tt><td>Replies should be sent to this agent type"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>replyto_list</tt><td>Comma-separated list of mailboxes to reply-to, RFC822-style"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>mime-version</tt><td>MIME Version (optional)"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>content-type</tt><td>MIME Content-Type (optional)"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>mime_version</tt><td>MIME Version (optional)"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>content_type</tt><td>MIME Content-Type (optional)"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>summary</tt><td>Message Summary (optional)"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>tags</tt><td>Message Tags (space-delimited, optional)"
"<tr><td align=top><tt>id</tt><td>Message's RFC-822 compliant Message-ID"
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