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Optionally send a prompt to connected user

Wait up to 10 seconds for a single-char reply to the prompt and if a non-control character was received, use the [TCP:x] (x is the character sent by the user) from the sexpots.ini for the Host and Port values to connect to.

An experimental feature for Nelgin.
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......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@
/* global vars */
BOOL daemonize=FALSE;
char prompt[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1];
char termtype[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1] = NAME;
char termspeed[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1] = "28800,28800"; /* "tx,rx", max length not defined */
char revision[16];
......@@ -1386,69 +1387,72 @@ char* iniGetExistingWord(str_list_t list, const char* section, const char* key
return p;
str_list_t ini = NULL;
void parse_ini_file(const char* ini_fname)
FILE* fp;
char* section;
str_list_t list=NULL;
if((fp=fopen(ini_fname,"r"))!=NULL) {
lprintf(LOG_INFO,"Reading %s",ini_fname);
ini = iniReadFile(fp);
/* Root section */
pause_on_exit = iniGetBool(list,ROOT_SECTION,"PauseOnExit",FALSE);
log_level = iniGetLogLevel(list,ROOT_SECTION,"LogLevel",log_level);
pause_on_exit = iniGetBool(ini,ROOT_SECTION,"PauseOnExit",FALSE);
log_level = iniGetLogLevel(ini,ROOT_SECTION,"LogLevel",log_level);
iniGetString(ini, ROOT_SECTION, "Prompt", NULL, prompt);
/* [COM] Section */
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "Device", NULL, com_dev);
com_baudrate = iniGetLongInt(list, section, "BaudRate", com_baudrate);
com_hangup = iniGetBool(list, section, "Hangup", com_hangup);
hangup_attempts = iniGetInteger(list, section, "HangupAttempts", hangup_attempts);
dcd_timeout = iniGetInteger(list, section, "DCDTimeout", dcd_timeout);
dcd_ignore = iniGetBool(list, section, "IgnoreDCD", dcd_ignore);
dtr_delay = iniGetLongInt(list, section, "DTRDelay", dtr_delay);
mdm_null = iniGetBool(list, section, "NullModem", mdm_null);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "Device", NULL, com_dev);
com_baudrate = iniGetLongInt(ini, section, "BaudRate", com_baudrate);
com_hangup = iniGetBool(ini, section, "Hangup", com_hangup);
hangup_attempts = iniGetInteger(ini, section, "HangupAttempts", hangup_attempts);
dcd_timeout = iniGetInteger(ini, section, "DCDTimeout", dcd_timeout);
dcd_ignore = iniGetBool(ini, section, "IgnoreDCD", dcd_ignore);
dtr_delay = iniGetLongInt(ini, section, "DTRDelay", dtr_delay);
mdm_null = iniGetBool(ini, section, "NullModem", mdm_null);
/* [Modem] Section */
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "Init", "", mdm_init);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "AutoAnswer", "", mdm_autoans);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "Cleanup", "", mdm_cleanup);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "EnableCallerID", "", mdm_cid);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "Answer", "", mdm_answer);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "Ring", "", mdm_ring);
mdm_timeout = iniGetInteger(list, section, "Timeout", mdm_timeout);
mdm_reinit = iniGetInteger(list, section, "ReInit", mdm_reinit);
mdm_cmdretry = iniGetInteger(list, section, "CmdRetry", mdm_cmdretry);
mdm_manswer = iniGetBool(list,section,"ManualAnswer", mdm_manswer);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "Init", "", mdm_init);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "AutoAnswer", "", mdm_autoans);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "Cleanup", "", mdm_cleanup);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "EnableCallerID", "", mdm_cid);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "Answer", "", mdm_answer);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "Ring", "", mdm_ring);
mdm_timeout = iniGetInteger(ini, section, "Timeout", mdm_timeout);
mdm_reinit = iniGetInteger(ini, section, "ReInit", mdm_reinit);
mdm_cmdretry = iniGetInteger(ini, section, "CmdRetry", mdm_cmdretry);
mdm_manswer = iniGetBool(ini,section,"ManualAnswer", mdm_manswer);
/* [TCP] Section */
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "Host", NULL, host);
port = iniGetShortInt(list, section, "Port", port);
tcp_nodelay = iniGetBool(list,section,"NODELAY", tcp_nodelay);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "Host", NULL, host);
port = iniGetShortInt(ini, section, "Port", port);
tcp_nodelay = iniGetBool(ini,section,"NODELAY", tcp_nodelay);
/* [Telnet] Section */
telnet = iniGetBool(list,section,"Enabled", telnet);
debug_telnet = iniGetBool(list,section,"Debug", debug_telnet);
telnet_advertise_cid = iniGetBool(list,section,"AdvertiseLocation", telnet_advertise_cid);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "TermType", NULL, termtype);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "TermSpeed", NULL, termspeed);
telnet = iniGetBool(ini,section,"Enabled", telnet);
debug_telnet = iniGetBool(ini,section,"Debug", debug_telnet);
telnet_advertise_cid = iniGetBool(ini,section,"AdvertiseLocation", telnet_advertise_cid);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "TermType", NULL, termtype);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "TermSpeed", NULL, termspeed);
/* [Ident] Section */
ident = iniGetBool(list,section,"Enabled", ident);
ident_port = iniGetShortInt(list, section, "Port", ident_port);
ident_interface = iniGetIpAddress(list, section, "Interface", ident_interface);
iniGetExistingWord(list, section, "Response", NULL, ident_response);
ident = iniGetBool(ini,section,"Enabled", ident);
ident_port = iniGetShortInt(ini, section, "Port", ident_port);
ident_interface = iniGetIpAddress(ini, section, "Interface", ident_interface);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, section, "Response", NULL, ident_response);
......@@ -1593,6 +1597,17 @@ service_loop(int argc, char** argv)
comWriteString(com_handle, banner);
comWriteString(com_handle, "\r\n");
if(prompt[0] != '\0') {
comWriteString(com_handle, prompt);
char ch;
if(comReadBuf(com_handle, &ch, sizeof(ch), NULL, 10000)) {
if(!IS_CONTROL(ch)) {
SAFEPRINTF(str, "TCP:%c", ch);
iniGetExistingWord(ini, str, "Host", NULL, host);
port = iniGetShortInt(ini, str, "Port", port);
if((sock=connect_socket(host, port)) == INVALID_SOCKET) {
comWriteString(com_handle,"\7\r\n!ERROR connecting to TCP port\r\n");
} else {
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