Commit 4fbed234 authored by deuce's avatar deuce
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Fix writebuf() misusage, and fix a couple warnings.

parent a6244fd8
......@@ -423,8 +423,8 @@ static int lprintf(int level, char *fmt, ...)
static int writebuf(http_session_t *session, const char *buf, size_t len)
int sent=0;
int avail;
size_t sent=0;
size_t avail;
while(!terminate_server && sent < len) {
......@@ -2871,7 +2871,7 @@ static BOOL exec_cgi(http_session_t *session)
if(msglen) {
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"%04d Sending %d bytes: %.*s"
/* log actual bytes sent */
if(session->req.ld!=NULL && wr>0)
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