Commit 60e890e8 authored by deuce's avatar deuce
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Fix memory clobbering bug in _fullpath()...

If part of the path were removed (ie: "//", "/./", or "/../"), it's possible
that the outer loop would extend past the string into uninitialized memory
where it could potentially corrupt things.

This was HIGHLY unlikely as it would stop at the first '/' and only corrupt
memory in the presence of the previously mentioned patterns.
parent e308b0b4
......@@ -968,8 +968,8 @@ char * DLLCALL _fullpath(char *target, const char *path, size_t size) {
strcat(target,"/"); */
for(;*out;out++) {
while(*out=='/') {
for(;*out;out++) {
while(*out=='/') {
else if(*(out+1)=='.' && (*(out+2)=='/' || *(out+2)==0))
......@@ -986,6 +986,8 @@ char * DLLCALL _fullpath(char *target, const char *path, size_t size) {
if (!*out)
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