Commit 623d9e3d authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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Don't reset line counter after executing externals.

This behavior was cut/pasted from xtrn_sec.js but doesn't play well with logon events (e.g. SBBSIMSG list) that should pause before a following CLS. As reported by altere on the I, the R, and the C.
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......@@ -1656,8 +1656,6 @@ bool sbbs_t::exec_xtrn(uint xtrnnum)
if(cfg.xtrn[xtrnnum]->misc & XTRN_PAUSE)
lncntr = 0;
if(cfg.postxtrn_mod[0] != '\0') {
SAFEPRINTF2(str, "%s %s", cfg.postxtrn_mod,cfg.xtrn[xtrnnum]->code);
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