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EnterYourSex -> EnterYourGender

Uses new @code: GENDERS
parts of enhancement #291
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......@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your full real name\1\\: \1w" 339 EnterYourRealName
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your company name\1\\: \1w" 340 EnterYourCompany
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your handle or call-sign\1\\: \1w" 341 EnterYourHandle
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your sex (M/F)\1\\: \1w" 342 EnterYourSex
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your gender (@GENDERS@)\1\\: \1w" 342 EnterYourGender
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your street address\1\\: \1w" 343 EnterYourAddress
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your voice phone number\1\\: \1w" 344 EnterYourPhoneNumber
"\1_\1b\1h[\1c@CHECKMARK@\1b] \1yEnter your birthday (@BDATEFMT@)\1\\: \1w" 345 EnterYourBirthday
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