Commit 6ae097bb authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Log a warning when the configured time zone does not match the detected local

time zone.
parent c420a3e0
......@@ -4733,6 +4733,10 @@ void DLLCALL bbs_thread(void* arg)
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"!TIME PROBLEM (%ld)",t);
if(smb_tzutc(sys_timezone(&scfg)) != xpTimeZone_local()) {
lprintf(LOG_WARNING,"Configured timezone (0x%04hX, UTC offset: %d) does not match local timezone offset: %d"
,scfg.sys_timezone, smb_tzutc(sys_timezone(&scfg)), xpTimeZone_local());
uptime=time(NULL); /* this must be done *after* setting the timezone */
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