Commit 716062cc authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Created auto-daylight-savings-time sys_misc bit (SM_AUTO_DST).

parent 256e9665
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@
#define SM_RENEGADE (1L<<11) /* Expand Renegade color codes in messages */
#define SM_ECHO_PW (1L<<12) /* Echo passwords locally */
#define SM_LOCAL_TZ (1L<<13) /* Use local timezone representations */
#define SM_L_SYSOP (1L<<14) /* Allow local sysop logon/commands */
#define SM_AUTO_DST (1L<<14) /* Automatic Daylight Savings Toggle (US) */
#define SM_R_SYSOP (1L<<15) /* Allow remote sysop logon/commands */
#define SM_QUOTE_EM (1L<<16) /* Allow quoting of e-mail */
#define SM_EURODATE (1L<<17) /* Europian date format (DD/MM/YY) */
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