Commit 743d078a authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Restore the functionality in menu() lost in rev 1.29 where if you pass a

full path (sans file suffix/extension), it would use that path for the menu
file to be displayed.
parent 9d48ba08
......@@ -242,12 +242,16 @@ bool sbbs_t::menu_exists(const char *code, const char* ext, char* path)
return menu_exists(code, "asc", path)
|| menu_exists(code, "msg", path);
safe_snprintf(path, MAX_PATH, "%smenu/%s%s.%ucol.%s"
,cfg.text_dir, menu_dir, code, cols, ext);
char prefix[MAX_PATH];
SAFECOPY(prefix, code);
else {
SAFEPRINTF3(prefix, "%smenu/%s%s", cfg.text_dir, menu_dir, code);
safe_snprintf(path, MAX_PATH, "%s.%ucol.%s", prefix, cols, ext);
return true;
safe_snprintf(path, MAX_PATH, "%smenu/%s%s.%s"
,cfg.text_dir, menu_dir, code, ext);
safe_snprintf(path, MAX_PATH, "%s.%s", prefix, ext);
return fexistcase(path) ? true : false;
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