Commit 74c22083 authored by deuce's avatar deuce
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Only override hidpopus or nostatus if actually specified on the command-line.

Reported by Deon George in
parent 441c4c17
......@@ -1294,8 +1294,8 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
char *p, *lp;
int cvmode;
int ww, wh, sf;
int default_hidepopups=0;
int default_nostatus=0;
int default_hidepopups=-1;
int default_nostatus=-1;
const char syncterm_termcap[]="\n# terminfo database entry for SyncTERM\n"
// cwin maybe? Or just left/right and top/bottom margins?
......@@ -1651,8 +1651,10 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
while((!quitting) && (bbs!=NULL || (bbs=show_bbslist(last_bbs, FALSE))!=NULL)) {
bbs->hidepopups = default_hidepopups;
bbs->nostatus = default_nostatus;
if (default_hidepopups >= 0)
bbs->hidepopups = default_hidepopups;
if (default_nostatus >= 0)
bbs->nostatus = default_nostatus;
gettextinfo(&txtinfo); /* Current mode may have changed while in show_bbslist() */
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