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A better check of a user's netmail-forwarding address.

is_supported_netmail_addr() actually takes the system configuration and QWK routing table into account. No sense forwarding to a non-deliverable address.
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......@@ -3322,9 +3322,8 @@ int fmsgtosmsg(char* fbuf, fmsghdr_t* hdr, uint usernumber, uint subnum)
lprintf(LOG_ERR, "Error %d reading user #%u", i, usernumber);
uint16_t nettype;
if((scfg.sys_misc&SM_FWDTONET) && (user.misc&NETMAIL)
&& (nettype = smb_netaddr_type(user.netmail)) >= NET_UNKNOWN) {
if((scfg.sys_misc&SM_FWDTONET) && (user.misc&NETMAIL) && is_supported_netmail_addr(&scfg, user.netmail)) {
uint16_t nettype = NET_UNKNOWN;
smb_hfield_netaddr(&msg, RECIPIENTNETADDR, user.netmail, &nettype);
smb_hfield_bin(&msg, RECIPIENTNETTYPE, nettype);
} else {
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