Commit 7b7e45f0 authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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Introduced FreeDownloadUserMsg text.dat string

Also updated the default colors of the existing DownloadUserMsg
string to have a little more variety.
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......@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@
"Tag this file" 297 TagFileQ
"\1h\1yEnter (space-separated) Tags: " 298 TagFilePrompt
"UNUSED299" 299 Unused299
"UNUSED300" 300 Unused300
"\1_\1h\1w%s\1c was %sdownloaded by \1w%s\r\n" 300 FreeDownloadUserMsg
"\r\n\1n\1gAuthor :\1h %s" 301 FiAuthor
"\r\n\1n\1gGroup :\1h %s" 302 FiGroup
"\1w\1h\r\n%s is already in the queue.\r\n" 303 FileAlreadyInQueue
......@@ -377,8 +377,8 @@
"\1r\1h\1i%s IS ZERO LENGTH - NOT UPLOADED!\1n\r\n" 309 FileZeroLength
"\1_\1w\1h%s (%s bytes) received.\r\n" 310 FileNBytesReceived
"\1_\1w\1h%s (%s bytes) sent.\r\n" 311 FileNBytesSent
"\1_\1h\1w%s was %sdownloaded by %s\r\n"\ 312 DownloadUserMsg
"\1n\1gYou were awarded %s credits.\r\n"
"\1_\1h\1w%s\1c was %sdownloaded by \1w%s\r\n"\ 312 DownloadUserMsg
"\1n\1gYou were awarded \1h%s\1n\1g credits.\r\n"
"partially " 313 Partially
"\1l\1n\1gLibrary :\1h (%u) %s" 314 FiLib
"\r\n\1n\1gDirectory :\1h (%u) %s" 315 FiDir
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