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Version 1.25: Now using bbs.msg_number (absolute) rather than bbs.smb_curmsg...

Version 1.25: Now using bbs.msg_number (absolute) rather than bbs.smb_curmsg (index) to retrieve a message header for the purpose of getting the author's initials when quoting a message.  bbs.msg_number is always correct when replying to messages in all situations (such as the Read Message prompt, scanning for new messages, and scanning for new messages to you).

If you use Digital Distortion message Lister, this version of SlyEdit requires version 1.34 of Digital Distortion Message Lister, which was updated to provide the correct message number to this verison of SlyEdit.
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......@@ -108,6 +108,19 @@
* currently set for reading.
* Also, defaulted the option for indenting quote
* lines with initials to true.
* 2013-05-10 Eric Oulashin Version 1.25 beta
* Started working on more reliably getting the
* message headers to correctly get author
* initials in all cases when replying to messages.
* 2013-05-14 Eric OUlashin Version 1.25
* Updated to use bbs.msg_number instead of message
* indexes so that the correct message header (for
* retrieval of author initials) is correct in all
* cases, including when replying to messages during
* "Scan for messages to you":
* In SlyEdit_Misc.js, updated getCurMsgInfo() and
* getFromNameForCurMsg() to use the absolute message
* number (bbs.msg_number) rather than messages indexes.
/* Command-line arguments:
......@@ -180,8 +193,8 @@ if (!console.term_supports(USER_ANSI))
// Constants
const EDITOR_VERSION = "1.24";
const EDITOR_VER_DATE = "2013-02-17";
const EDITOR_VERSION = "1.25";
const EDITOR_VER_DATE = "2013-05-14";
// Program variables
......@@ -80,6 +80,12 @@
* current sub-board (i.e., a new user is applying
* for access). Also, updated ReadSlyEditConfigFile()
* to default indentQuoteLinesWithInitials to true.
* 2013-05-14 Eric Oulashin Updated getCurMsgInfo() and getFromNameForCurMsg()
* to use the absolute message number (bbs.msg_number)
* rather than messages indexes so that it gets
* the correct message header in all cases, including
* when replying to messages during "Scan for messages
* to you".
// Note: These variables are declared with "var" instead of "const" to avoid
......@@ -1933,7 +1939,7 @@ function wrapQuoteLines(pUseAuthorInitials, pIndentQuoteLinesWithInitials)
// Returns an object containing the following properties:
// lastMsg: The last message in the sub-board (i.e., bbs.smb_last_msg)
// totalNumMsgs: The total number of messages in the sub-board (i.e., bbs.smb_total_msgs)
// curMsgNum: The number of the current message being read (i.e., bbs.smb_curmsg)
// curMsgNum: The absolute number of the current message being read (i.e., bbs.msg_number)
// subBoardCode: The current sub-board code (i.e., bbs.smb_sub_code)
// grpIndex: The message group index for the sub-board
......@@ -1941,7 +1947,7 @@ function wrapQuoteLines(pUseAuthorInitials, pIndentQuoteLinesWithInitials)
// DDML_SyncSMBInfo.txt in the node directory (written by the Digital
// Distortion Message Lister v1.31 and higher). If that file can't be read,
// the values will default to the values of bbs.smb_last_msg,
// bbs.smb_total_msgs, and bbs.smb_curmsg.
// bbs.smb_total_msgs, and bbs.msg_number.
// Parameters:
// pMsgAreaName: The name of the message area being posted to
......@@ -1952,7 +1958,8 @@ function getCurMsgInfo(pMsgAreaName)
retObj.lastMsg = bbs.smb_last_msg;
retObj.totalNumMsgs = bbs.smb_total_msgs;
retObj.curMsgNum = bbs.smb_curmsg;
//retObj.curMsgNum = bbs.smb_curmsg; // OLD!
retObj.curMsgNum = bbs.msg_number; // New (2013-05-14)
retObj.subBoardCode = bbs.smb_sub_code;
retObj.grpIndex = msg_area.sub[bbs.smb_sub_code].grp_index;
......@@ -1994,6 +2001,9 @@ function getCurMsgInfo(pMsgAreaName)
// If pMsgAreaName is valid, then if it specifies a message area name that is
// different from what's in retObj, then we probably want to use bbs.cursub_code
// instead of bbs.smb_sub_code, etc.
// Note: As of the May 8, 2013 build of Synchronet (3.16), the bbs.smb_sub*
// properties reflect the current sub-board being posted to, always.
// Digital Man committed a change in CVS for this on May 7, 2013.
if ((typeof(pMsgAreaName) == "string") && (pMsgAreaName.length > 0))
if (msg_area.sub[retObj.subBoardCode].name.indexOf(pMsgAreaName) == -1)
......@@ -2114,7 +2124,10 @@ function getFromNameForCurMsg(pMsgInfo)
if (msgBase != null)
var hdr = msgBase.get_msg_header(true, msgInfo.curMsgNum, true);
// First parameter is false because we're not passing the message
// number by offset, we're passing the absolute message number
// (i.e., from bbs.msg_number) rather than the message offset.
var hdr = msgBase.get_msg_header(false, msgInfo.curMsgNum, true);
if (hdr != null)
fromName = hdr.from;
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