Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

Commit 83f50984 authored by echicken's avatar echicken 🐔

Hack the planet.

parent c149a4d8
......@@ -42,11 +42,10 @@ function broadcast(evt, data) {
const sdata = JSON.stringify({ event: evt, data: data });
for (var c in clients) {
clients[c].once('write', (function (sdata) {
/* It's possible that onClientData has nuked this socket already.
* Check that 'this' still has 'sendline' to avoid an exception.
if (this.sendline !== undefined) this.sendline(sdata);
}).bind(clients[c], sdata)); // Using bind "temporarily" pending better closure+callback stuff
if (this.sendline !== undefined) { // client went away between queueing and running this callback? Alls I knows is that this.sendline may be undefined here.
}).bind(clients[c], sdata)); // bind because otherwise 'sdata is undefined'
......@@ -237,25 +236,22 @@ function onRemoteData() {
imsg.parse_active_users(msg, onRemoteLogon, onRemoteLogoff);
function onClientData() {
if (this.is_connected) return;
delete clients[this.descriptor];
// This would be the place to nuke any on/once listeners still in place for 'this'
if (idle()) refresh(true); // We are now idling, so lengthen the refresh intervals
function onClient() {
const sock = server.socket.accept();
const sock = this.accept();
if (!sock) {
log(LOG_DEBUG, '!Error accepting connection: ' + sock.error);
if (idle()) refresh(false); // We are no longer idling, so shorten the refresh intervals
if (idle()) refresh(false);
clients[sock.descriptor] = sock;
sock.on('read', onClientData);
sock.once('write', (function (sessions) {
}).bind(sock, sessions)); // Using bind "temporarily" pending better closure+callback stuff
sock.once('read', function () {
if (this.is_connected) this.close();
delete clients[this.descriptor];
if (idle()) refresh(true);
sock.once('write', function () {
if (this.server === undefined) { // jsexec
......@@ -288,11 +284,10 @@ if (settings.remote) {
/* This service may run indefinitely, so we should reload the BBS list once in
* a while so we'll pick up new systems to poll and drop any old ones.
js.setInterval(imsg.read_sys_list.bind(imsg), settings.remote_list_refresh);
js.setInterval(imsg.read_sys_list.bind(imsg), settings.remote_list_refresh); // bind because otherwise 'this.sys_list is undefined'
js.setImmediate(imsg.read_sys_list.bind(imsg)); // bind because otherwise 'this.sys_list is undefined'
refresh(true); // Start in 'idle' mode, set refresh timers, do an initial poll
js.auto_terminate = true;
js.do_callbacks = true;
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