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Added missing commands: NEXEC and EXEC ?<mod>

I put these in the "Viewing" group rather than reformat the entire menu.
Probably more are missing, but running out of room to fit on an 80x24 screen
Edited with PabloDraw, so using the new CLEAR @-code and includes a ^AZ
parent 3fbd8058
0lnhSynchronet Sysop Main Menu
b(All commands preceeded by a 'w;b')(Optional parameters shown in m[]b)
(Required parameters shown in r<>b)(Required exemptions shown in y()b)
NHSynchronet Sysop Main Menu
B(All commands preceeded by a 'W;B')NHB(Optional parameters shown in M[]B)
(Required parameters shown in R<>B)NHB(Required exemptions shown in Y()B)
yNode Display/Control:Editing:
wNODE m[args] cNode UtilitywUEDIT m[user] cEdit User Account
wDOWN r<nodes> cToggle Down FlagwEDITcEdit Text/MSG File
wLOCK r<nodes> cLock/Unlock m(N)
wINTR r<nodes> cToggle Interrupt m(I)yViewing:
wANONcToggle Anonymous m(Q)wLIST m[file] cView Text/ANSI/MSG File
wQUIETcToggle Quietm(Q)wLOGcToday's Log
wYLOGcYesterday's Log
yMiscellaneous:wNS m[node]cNode Statistics
wCHUSERcChange into Another User wSScSystem Statistics
wBULKMAILcSend Bulk E-mailwNLOGcNode Statistics Log
wSHELLcOS Command ShellwSLOGcSystem Statistics Log
wCALL r<hub> cForce QWKnet Call-outwERRcCritical Error Log
wCHATcPage sysop m(C)wGURUcDiscussions w/The Guru
wLOAD r<file> cLoad alternate text.dat wMAILcAll Mail on System
wEXEC r<cmd> cExecute DOS ProgramwSPY m[node] cSpy/control Node
wEXEC *r<mod> cExecute Baja Module
wFOSSIL r<cmd> cExecute FOSSIL Program
YNode Display/Control:NHYEditing:
WNODE M[args]CNode UtilityNHUEDIT M[user] CEdit User Account
WDOWN R<nodes> CToggle Down FlagNHEDITNHCEdit Text/MSG File
WLOCK R<nodes> CLock/Unlock M(N)
WINTR R<nodes> CToggle Interrupt M(I)NHYViewing:
WANONNHCToggle Anonymous M(Q)NHLIST M[file]CView Text/ANSI/MSG File
NHYLOGNHCYesterday's Log
YMiscellaneous:NHNS M[node]NHCNode Statistics
WCHUSERNHCChange into Another UserWSSNHCSystem Statistics
WBULKMAILNHCSend Bulk E-mailNHNLOGNHCNode Statistics Log
WSHELLNHCOS Command ShellNHSLOGNHCSystem Statistics Log
WCALL R<hub>CForce QWKnet Call-outNHERRNHCCritical Error Log
WCHATNHCPage sysop M(C)NHGURUNHCDiscussions w/The Guru
WLOAD R<file>CLoad alternate text.datWMAILNHCAll Mail on System
WEXEC R<cmd>CExecute DOS ProgramNHSPY M[node]CSpy/control Node
WEXEC *R<mod>CExecute Baja ModuleNHEXEC ?R<mod>CExecuteN HCJavaScript Mod
WFOSSIL R<cmd> CExecute FOSSIL ProgramNHNEXEC R<cmd>CExecuteN HCNative Program
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