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Disable prompt for sub/dir info by default, just show the file

yes/no prompts can be disabled by just setting a string to a blank string.
Disable these prompts by default (you can reeanble in your own text.dat if you
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......@@ -754,13 +754,13 @@
"\1n\1h\1bMessages Retained : \1c%u\r\n" 607 SubInfoMaxMsgs
"\1n\1h\1b\r\nQWK packet network conference using the tagline:\1n\r\n \254 %s\1n\r\n" 608 SubInfoTagLine
"\1n\1h\1b\r\nFidoNet EchoMail conference using the origin line:\1n\r\n * Origin: %s (%s)\r\n" 609 SubInfoFidoNet
"View sub-board information file" 610 SubInfoViewFileQ
"" 610 SubInfoViewFileQ
"\r\n\1g\1hDirectory Information:\r\n\r\n\1n" 611 DirInfoHdr
"\1n\1h\1bLong Name : \1c%s\r\n" 612 DirInfoLongName
"\1n\1h\1bShort Name : \1c%s\r\n" 613 DirInfoShortName
"\1n\1h\1bAllowed File Extensions : \1c%s\r\n" 614 DirInfoAllowedExts
"\1n\1h\1bMaximum Files : \1c%u\r\n" 615 DirInfoMaxFiles
"\1n\1h\1bView directory information file" 616 DirInfoViewFileQ
"" 616 DirInfoViewFileQ
"\1n\r\nNo NetMail allowed.\r\n" 617 NoNetMailAllowed
"\r\nIt will cost you %u credits to send NetMail. "\ 618 NetMailCostContinueQ
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