Commit a12f23e0 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Updated colors for user totals.

parent bb19feed
......@@ -471,9 +471,9 @@
"\r\nSort alphabetically" 394 SortAlphaQ
"\r\nmhChecking Slots..." 395 CheckingSlots
"nh%-32.32snm%-30.30sh%-8.8s nm%-8.8s\r\n" 396 UserListFmt
"\rh%dnb Total users. \r\n" 397 NTotalUsers
"%d Users with access to current sub.\r\n" 398 NUsersOnCurSub
"%d Users with access to current dir.\r\n" 399 NUsersOnCurDir
"\r\1h\1w%d\b total users. \r\n" 397 NTotalUsers
"\1w%d \1busers with access to current sub-board.\r\n" 398 NUsersOnCurSub
"\1w%d \1busers with access to current directory.\r\n" 399 NUsersOnCurDir
"\r\n-cCurrent New-Scan date/time: h" 400 NScanDate
"yhYear: w" 401 NScanYear
" yMonth: w" 402 NScanMonth
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