Commit a377bcc2 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Enable the "Word-wrap Quoted Text" (QUOTEWRAP) editor setting by default.

Updated help text and option name, a bit.
parent 79135d3a
......@@ -131,6 +131,7 @@ static bool new_external_editor(unsigned new_xedit_num)
return false;
memset(new_xedit, 0, sizeof(*new_xedit));
new_xedit->misc |= QUOTEWRAP;
xedit_t** new_xedit_list = realloc(cfg.xedit, sizeof(xedit_t *)*(cfg.total_xedits + 1));
if (new_xedit_list == NULL) {
......@@ -1651,7 +1652,7 @@ void xedit_cfg()
,cfg.xedit[i]->misc&XTRN_NATIVE ? "Yes" : "No");
sprintf(opt[k++],"%-32.32s%s","Use Shell to Execute"
,cfg.xedit[i]->misc&XTRN_SH ? "Yes" : "No");
sprintf(opt[k++],"%-32.32s%s","Word Wrap Quoted Text"
sprintf(opt[k++],"%-32.32s%s","Word-wrap Quoted Text"
,cfg.xedit[i]->misc&QUOTEWRAP ? "Yes":"No");
sprintf(opt[k++],"%-32.32s%s","Automatically Quoted Text"
,cfg.xedit[i]->misc&QUOTEALL ? "All":cfg.xedit[i]->misc&QUOTENONE
......@@ -1670,8 +1671,8 @@ void xedit_cfg()
"This menu allows you to change the settings for the selected external\n"
"message editor. External message editors are very common on BBSs. Some\n"
"popular editors include `SyncEdit`, `WWIVedit`, `FEdit`, `GEdit`, `IceEdit`,\n"
"and many others.\n"
"popular editors include `fseditor.js`, `SyncEdit`, `SlyEdit`, `WWIVedit`, `FEdit`,\n"
"`GEdit`, `IceEdit`, and many others.\n"
sprintf(str,"%s Editor",cfg.xedit[i]->name);
......@@ -1825,12 +1826,17 @@ void xedit_cfg()
case 7:
k=(cfg.xedit[i]->misc&QUOTEWRAP) ? 0:1;
"`Word Wrap Quoted Text:`\n"
"`Word-wrap Quoted Text:`\n"
"Set to `Yes` to have Synchronet word-wrap quoted message text when\n"
"creating the quote file (e.g. QUOTES.TXT) or initial message text file\n"
"(e.g. MSGTMP) used by some external message editors.\n"
"When set to `No`, the original unmodified message text is written to the\n"
"quote / message text file."
,"Word Wrap Quoted Text",uifcYesNoOpts)) {
,"Word-wrap Quoted Text",uifcYesNoOpts)) {
case 0:
if(!(cfg.xedit[i]->misc&QUOTEWRAP)) {
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